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Message From Chairman

The Company overview for the year 2018 is considered as a year with a great difficulty and challenge, which was a result of the delay in the government investment in Information and Communication Technology, a small number of large-scale project, including an increasing awareness of the government sectors in digital transformation that became clarity yet had less investment, while the private sectors had higher awareness in digital transformation, resulted as a change of customer’s investment in IT due to new technology. Refer to the mentioned factors, the operating performance of the previous year was decreased in revenue and profit by 21.48% and 45.07%, respectively compared to the year 2017.

Although, Thai economy in the year 2018 was fluctuate and risky in many areas, but the overall business opportunity still existed, especially in business sector that has the expansion channel, such as the investment in infrastructure of high-speed data networking, data connection and data exchange system center, digital platform for government infrastructure services, and the business that applied 4.0 technology to extend its business. The Company saw the opportunity in those businesses and determined to be the comprehensive IT provider, focusing on the added value services including cooperation with the leading partners in order to fulfill the need of customers in this digital age at all aspects. The Company believes that it will create stable and sustainable growth in the near future.

On behalf of the Board of Director of Advanced Information Technology Public Company Limited, we would like to thank the shareholders, customers, partners, trade alliances, financial institutes, executives and employees, including all stakeholders who supported and entrust the Company, which the Company enable to achieve good performances over the past period and strive to operate the sustainable business with all of your supports in the future.

Mr. Thana Chaiprasit

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Siripong Oontornpan

Chairman of Executive Board Committee & President