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Message From Chairman

The overall performance of the company in the year 2019 shows that the company has earned the highest income and sales volume since the establishment of the company; we acquired over 7 Billion Baht and 12.5 Billion Baht, respectively. Besides, we obtained the highest income growth rate in 10 years although we were facing global economic fluctuations, business promotion measures invented by the government, organizational restructuring for enhancing competitiveness in the era of digital transformation, and digital economy promotion measures of the government. We have been through these challenges as we had been continuously awarded many high-value projects such as the New Parliament Project in Information and Communication Technology and its surrounded buildings, the High-speed Internet Service Project in Remote area Zone C (USO 2), and the D-ticket Project for State Railway of Thailand, etc.

Furthermore, we have been selected by CISCO Thailand Co., Ltd. to participate in “Project Destiny by Cisco”. For this project, they hired highly professional consultants specializing in coaching participants and conducting workshop to further develop the company products and sought new selling channels or methods. This is an important step of the company as we transformed the business for changes in digital transformation era and we have been awarded Cisco Best Partner of Year 2019 for Asian countries for distinctive growth of sales volume of Cisco technological products amongst other countries. This is our honor and pride in this year.

Although the company earned highest income and sales volume, due to economic challenges, highly competitive market, and increasing management cost, the net profit margin of the year 2019 is decreased to 5.54%, or by 0.89% comparing to the year 2018 whose net profit margin is 5.59%. Comparing to other businesses in the same sector, our profit margin is higher than profit average rate as before.

The year 2020 will be another challenging year that the Management and all employees will put the best effort to acquire higher profit than the last year. We will focus on high-profit sales rather than sales volume increase, reduce errors in project operation process and adapt ourselves to new technologies and selling methods, enhance operation efficiency of all section, and seek other business opportunities. We are confident that the target will be reached again this year.

Last but not least, on behalf of Board of Directors of Advance Information Technology PLC, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all shareholders, customers, business partners, financial institutes, Management, all employees, and all stakeholders for continuous support and trust which brought positive operating results over the last many years. We will continue growing and conduct the business with honesty for sustainable prosperity and thank in advance for your support as always.

Mr. Thana Chaiprasit

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Siripong Oontornpan

Chairman of Executive Board Committee & President