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Message From Chairman

Dear Shareholders, The 2020 marks another year in which the Company encountered serious difficulty due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic situation, which has been affecting the economy and living conditions of people around the world, as well as the Company itself in several ways such as shifts to working from home, the Company’s greater caution in its financial management, and project delays arising from off-site operations. These impacts are essential lessons the Company has learned to improve and develop itself further.

Although the COVID-19 situation causes a number of implications, for the past year, the Company managed to generate revenues of 6,731 million baht, which exceeded the target of 6,000 million baht since the Company received a number of high-value projects and maintained ongoing recognition of revenue in 2020, such as the New Parliament Project in Information and Communication Technology with assembly buildings, and a D-Ticket project of the State Railway of Thailand.

Over the past few years, competition in the market has always been high, especially during this situation. The Company faced a number of risks which increased the cost of managing the organization. However, the Company still managed to achieve a net profit margin of 5.86 percent in 2020, an increase of 5.78 percent compared to 5.54 percent in 2019. It was the cooperation of the executives and the employees to help build the organizational management process to be more efficient as a result of the Company determining common goals and managing within the organization by focusing on three main areas, which include customer focus, focus on efficiency and profits.

In addition, despite the volatility of the Thai economy in 2020 due to the Covid-19, overall business opportunities remained, especially the information and communication technology infrastructure market, including the digital market thanks to entering into the digital economy of the country, such as the investment of digital infrastructure platforms for public services, businesses that use 4G/5G technology as a help to expand. As the Company saw various business opportunities as mentioned above, it can be seen that over the past year 2020, it bid for several projects and won a bid for high-value projects, including the project of installation and management of centralized information and communication technology infrastructure of the Provincial Electricity Authority, and the G-Cloud project to support public services. It is one of the Company’s points of pride to manage to win large projects during a time of economic crisis.

For this year, 2021, our management and employees are determined to do their best to maximize the profitability of the shareholders by focusing on sales that bring the most profit, developing services to the Company’s customers/partners/business partners to create maximum satisfaction, improving employees, work systems and work operations to be more efficient, as well as modifying the organization to support new technologies in order to become a ‘great company’ in the near future.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Advanced Information Technology Public Company Limited would like to thanks all shareholders, customers, business partners, affiliates, financial institutions, the management and the employees, and stakeholders who have been supporting and trusting the Company, resulting in the Company’s good operating results over the year. The Company will also be committed to operating the business for sustainable progress with the further support of all of you in the future.

Mr. Thana Chaiprasit

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Siripong Oontornpan

Chairman of Executive Board Committee & President