Working Environment

Working Environment

Quality of working life is considered to be one major aspect of quality of life which AIT Company aims to provide the staff beneficial to life and work balance. As we inspect in overall grindstone, an outstanding place to work, better facilitation, and great team-work environment will influence on employee’s mood and state of mind which results in excellent work performance.

Learning and Development

AIT continuously supports employees’ personal learning that is a strong foundation holding the key to company’s success and sustainability. Furthermore, the organization also encourages employees to develop their capacity of development to be striking and boost efficiency in operation and performance in order to thrive in each career track steadily along with the organization.


Welfare and Benefits

Due to the fact that human resource plays an important role as a key mechanism for organization development, AIT Company has a rewarding policy for the employees based on transparency, equality, and fairness. Our company provides management of required allowance, welfare, and benefit to the employees which will enable them to compete with other leading companies in the same business area. By the definition of AIT, it is the organization that considers compensation and employee’s welfare as “Good Life Benefit” aspect including other fit and fair benefits.