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Managed Services

Managed Services

In the business competition, the consideration of Managed Services is to reduce the operational cost, the expense in the IT structure, and the expense in developing the proficient personnel. We are ready to provide the service in managing your complicated IT system with the reasonable expense. You do not have to waste the time and manpower for supervising your communication network system and applied program in the Core Business. Supplementary with our IT proficiency, we can help you to be able to deal with the business competitive situation stably without the concern in all dimensions. Our challenge is to study the details of operation of the business system and the timetables of the system operation (Operation Calendar) with the experienced working team that can provide the good service for the customers throughout the period of more than 20 years including the provision of service center and the employees to cover the nationwide areas. This can lead us to be reliable from our customers and business partners throughout the time. Therefore, we are confident that we can control the quality in the level that you require (Service Level Agreement).

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Managed Services

Consideration of Managed Services in order to reduce the operational cost, the cost in the IT project, and the cost in developing the proficient personnel.

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The service is provided on the maintenance and checking of the operational condition of the system in order to enable the system to continually function and reduce the business Downtime as well.