CSR Policy

The Management Committee No. 7/2013 approved the establishment of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee on September 19, 2014 in order to formulate the Company policies and guidelines, and to implement its corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. In addition, the Management Committee No. 7/ 2013 approved the CSR policy as follows:

  1. Human Rights: The company focus is fundamental human rights in order to promote respect of the rights and freedoms by not discriminating and to promote equality in gender and class; and to be against child labor abuses;
  2. Labor Practice: The company ensures that its wage levels are appropriate. Also that any improvements, re-structuring or re-organization, will be carried out with it’s responsibilities within the legal framework of Thailand;
  3. Environment: The company has a clear environmental policy and strict practices such as:A measure to reduce its environmental impact by implementing activities of the organization in order to maintain and preserve the ecology and environment of its local community;
  4. Fair Business Conduct: The company is committed to conduct its business in a fair way; and to pay attention to the ethical practice of law and respect for the rules of society;
  5. Consumer Responsibility: The Company focus is on providing good service to ensure customer satisfaction and to promptly respond to and handle customer complaints. The Company will strive to fix any defects which may occur as a result of production and/or the provision of services. Additionally,the Company expects to receive goods and services from its suppliers in the same manner, and to strive to maintain lasting good relationships with both its customers and suppliers;
  6. Community Participation and Development: The Company is considerate of the needs of the community and encourages its people to partner with stakeholders who live and work around our business premises. This is so to assist the local community in improving its educational, cultural and socialendeavours; and to being part of the ongoing effort to improve their quality of life including to encourage and support employee participation in volunteer work and other activities within the community;
  7. Anti-Corruption The Company has anti-corruption policies and strategies in order to promote the performance of the staff, including a risk management plan for anti-corruption. In addition, the Company aims to foster an awareness of the relevancy of its anti-corruption policies and strategies in both practice and theory.