The Professional ICT Solutions Provider

We are mainly aware of the customer’s achievement. We treat our customers as the business partners and we work with the understanding in the customer’s demand. This is our philosophy in working. Our duties are to select the goods and services which are mostly suitable in responding to the customer’s demand of work. That is the reason why we are always reliable by our customers.

Financial Strength

AIT is the company registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand with the registration capital of over 1,000 million baht.

Successful Records

AIT is the provider of service and installation of full information technology network system with the history accumulated for 30 years.

Trusted Partner

AIT has a good relationship with many business partners which are technology leaders known in many fields in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and increase competitiveness.

Best Service and Support

AIT is considered one of the few service providers who invest in their own service center. With the objectives in providing services both in the metropolitan areas and regional areas, the Company has 7 service centers covering all regions of the country.


Product and Service

IT solution provider

AIT has the Solution for the service providers from the leading companies and the excellence in responding to your demands.

Data Center and Cloud

AIT has the Data Center and Cloud Solution from the leading companies with the proficiency read to serve your business demands of whether the small or big business or in the level of service providers.


AIT has various Collaboration Solutions from leading companies and we are proficient in responding to your business demand whether your company is small, medium, or big.

IOT Solution Platform

AIT provides IoT Cloud Platform to support IoT management and administration.

Enterprise Network

AIT has various Enterprise Network Solutions from leading companies who are proficient and ready to respond to your demand as well as being suitable for your organizations whether the public or private organizations.

Enterprise Applications

AIT provides the services in the full development of information technology system to various projects with the combination of concepts in applying technology with the framework in developing the system accordingly.

Cyber Security

AIT provides these services to fulfill security and cybersecurity requirements. Along with providing equipment and solutions from leading international firms with experience ready to fulfill the demands and suit your organization, whether public or private.

Managed Services

We are ready to provide the service in managing your complicated IT system with the reasonable expense.

Service Supports

The service provision of maintenance on checking the operational condition of the system can enable the system to be able to operate continually and reduce the Downtime period of business as well as preventing the problem to occur simultaneously.

AIT is the Country’s Leading Professional ICT Solution provider with stable Growth


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